A Load Restraint System which increases efficiency, ensures safety, saves money and can be retrofitted into any existing vehicle currently on the road.

Unsafe loads on vehicles are costing UK businesses millions of pounds in damaged goods each year. Make the change today!

Any pallet, no matter of their height, can be fully secured

Tie backs allow the straps to be stored away safely at either end of the trailer

Time Saving

Driver does not need to waste time climbing on the trailer to secure loads


Pallet Security

Low Maintenance

Hard wearing components mean that the system is durable and long lasting

Why Choose Guardian

The regulating body DVSA (driver and vehicle standards agency) have announced their intention to step up enforcement of current legislation in respect of load restraint on Large Goods Vehicles. Particular attention has been noted in regard to curtain sided vehicles.


In order to protect other road users, DVSA can enforce a range of regulatory powers, such as:

Issuing heavy fines, Prohibiting continued use of the vehicle and Road worthiness prohibition (PG9)

This will ultimately result in financial loss, less transit resources and reduced customer satisfaction. HSE and DVSA recognize that a very high percentage of load restraint systems currently rely on the strength of the vehicles upper body to restrain the loads using basic buckles and straps suspended from a roof mounted center pole or track. Since the vehicle body above the fl at bed is predominantly

designed for weather protection, they do not normally have sufficient strength to be part of a load rated restraint system and are more likely to fail in an emergency.


Loadhog have developed a system that complies with DVSA requirements – ‘Guardian’ – a Load Restraint System which ensures safety, without reducing efficiency and is easily retrofitted into almost any curtain sided vehicle.



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