How can Guardian help my Business

Guards your Operators Licence
– protecting you from PG9’s or prosecution

• Deployed correctly Guardian will protect you from a PG9 if your vehicle is inspected in accordance with the latest DVSA / HSE enforcement protocol.


• Unlike many systems deployed Guardian only uses the roof of a vehicle to suspend Guardian Load straps. Once lowered into  position the straps only apply force to the load bed and not the roof structure



Guards your loads
– protecting you from Goods in transit claims

• A restrained load is unlikely to be damaged by falling over or worse still, falling off the vehicle.


Guards your staff
– protecting you from Employers liability claims

• Eliminates the need to work at height on the vehicle bed


• Unlike some other systems, Guardian does not use any form of elastic or other type of stored energy device that can cause recoil injury


• When pulling back the curtains the load will stay restrained and not fall on your driver


Guards members of the public
– protecting you from Public liability claims

• Considerably reduces the likelihood of loads accidentally falling on other road users and causing them personal injury

• Prevents the likelihood of your consignee’s staff being injured by items falling from the vehicle when they begin the unloading process


Guards other road users
– protecting you from Fleet claims

• Unsecured loads falling from vehicles and impacting against third party vehicles is a surprisingly common occurrence that is all but eliminated by using Guardian.


• Guardian prevents a load from moving on a vehicle bed causing additional wear or damage.


• The system itself is designed to have a minimal number of wearing components.


• In the event components do wear out they can be replaced individually by unskilled staff in seconds.


Guards your vehicle
Guards efficiency
– protecting you from unwanted repair bills
– protecting your budgets

• The system has been designed as the perfect cost effective, DVSA compliant replacement load restraint system


• A complete install in a typical curtain sided vehicle takes less than 1 hour with an experienced fitter


• The system has been designed to have minimal intrusion into the vehicles active load space by keeping unused straps suspended as far into the roof as possible


• Positioning the straps as near to the vehicle sides as possible helps maximise the load capacity. The user can easily reach and manoeuvre the straps into the desired position above individual load items without the straps snagging on the load itself


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