How does Guardian Work?

The Guardian Load Restraint System is positioned in the roof of the curtain body when not in use.

From the ground the driver slides each Guardian strap into position (above a pallet), then lowers

it down to safely restrain the consignment.


Securing a Load

Step 1 – Release Guardian straps from tie backs at each corner of the vehicle and pull the straps into position above

the pallets.


Step 2 – Gently tug the Guardian strap

disengaging it from the “snaketooth” and thus allowing it to be lowered into

position over the pallets.


Step 3 – On the none ratchet side select one of the two rave hooks and engage onto the side rave or lashing point.


Step 4 – On the reverse side of vehicle make sure that the strap is over the mid point of the pallet. Pull the strap through the ratchet and engage it to the side rave/

lashing point. Tighten the straps using the ratchet taking care not to over tighten

and damage the goods.


Removing a Load

Step 5 – Tuck the loose ends of the strap under the pallet and close the curtain. Your load is now secured.


Note – The rave hook located at the end of the strap is suitable for securing most pallet sizes. The rave hook located further up the strap is for pallets for one metre or below.



A patented,

DVSA compliant transit restraint system



Step 1 – Disengage the ratchet from the side rave / lashing point and then

disenegage the rave hook from the reverse side of the vehicle.



Step 2 – Pull the tail rope attached to the control strap, which lifts the system into the vehicle roof.



Step 3 – Continue pulling until the beads pass through the “Snaketooth” holding the system in its roof suspended position.



Step 4 – Remove the ratchet if required and store.




Step 5 – Pull the Guardian straps to the front or back of the vehicle body and secure with tie backs for safe keeping.



Use of the Guardian Accessory Hook

The accessory hook allows:

• The driver to reach any strap that has been pushed/moved out of reach.

 • Simply use the accessory hook to bring the strap back over the pallet whilst

   remaining on the ground

• The driver to reach the tail rope if pulled too high.

 • Simply use the accessory hook to to grab hold of the loop and pull down

• The driver to add corner protectors onto a fragile consignment preventing damage

  to goods.

 • Attach a corner protector onto the hook and place on the load, under the strap


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